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Hijazi, Haytham
Haytham W. Hijazi is a Ph.D. Research Fellow with CISUC (Center for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra). Current research work is in intelligent biofeedback systems to augment content comprehension. Hijazi worked as a Quality Assurance Manager, IT faculty member, researcher, and EU projects coordinator with Palestine Ahliya University from 2013-2019. Hijazi is experienced in machine learning, data analysis, biofeedback systems, and software engineering.
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12021Intelligent Biofeedback Augmented Content Comprehension (TellBack)Hijazi, Haytham ; Couceiro, Ricardo ; Castelhano, João ; De Carvalho, Paulo ; Castelo Branco, Miguel ; Madeira, Henrique articleopenAccess