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Caliman Fontes, Lorena
Caliman, Lorena
Caliman, Lorena
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12024Comunidades de Ciência Aberta na UC 2024: Livro de resumosLeão, Delfim ; Caliman, Lorena ; Ferreira, Licínia ; Especiosa, Olímpia; Ferreira, NélsonbookopenAccess
229-Feb-2024Mapping opportunities, needs and challenges: OPERAS and the potential national nodes (OPERAS-PLUS Deliverable 7.1)Leão, Delfim ; Fontes, Lorena Caliman otheropenAccess
328-Aug-2023Roadmap for the Implementation of OPERAS National Nodes (OPERAS-PLUS Deliverable 7.2)Caliman, Lorena ; Leão, Delfim reportopenAccess