Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco

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Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco
Full Name
Silveirinha Castello Branco, Patrícia
Branco, P.C.
Patrícia Castello-Branco
Patrícia Silveirinha
Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco works as a researcher at CineLab/Ifilnova. She is the author of several essays as well as the book Image, Body, Technology. Haptics in New Technological Images (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2013) (Portuguese).
She obtained her Ph.D in 2009 with a doctoral thesis on haptic visuality and technological images, which was awarded with its publication by Fundação Calouste Giulbenkian. She subsequently obtained a post-doctoral fellowship at IFILNOVA and, later, held an Assistant Professor position at University of Beira Interior, where she served as the Director of the MA in Cinema and were responsible for several courses on philosophy and film, film theory and film history.
She works mainly on haptic visuality and embodied perception, investigating on the sensory awareness and the role of the body in the artistic discourses of contemporary and classical art. Central to her research is the ongoing dialogue between philosophy and the arts.
She is co-editor and founder of Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image.
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12017Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image 9, “Islam and Images”Branco, Sérgio Dias ; Zeydabadi-Nejad, Saeed; Silveirinha Castello Branco, Patrícia articleopenAccess
22010EditorialBranco, Sérgio Dias ; Silveirinha Castello Branco, Patrícia ; Viegas, SusanaarticleopenAccess