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Sahadevan, Seena
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Sahadevan, Seena
S., Seena
Sahadevan, Seena
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Seena. S, is a freshwater ecologist with 17 years experience. Her main scientific activity revolves around the evaluation of anthropogenic pollution on aquatic biodiversity and freshwater ecosystem processes such as leaf litter decomposition (Read more at https://seenasahadevan.wixsite.com/seena). She is mainly appreciated for innovativeness, vibrancy and risk taking ability in research. She did her PhD in Biosciences, Mangalore University, India, 2005. She was a postdoc in Canada (2005 -2007), Mount Allison University and auxiliary investigator (2008 -2013), Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA), University of Minho (UM), Portugal. As a part of transnational programme between Portugal and Germany, she also did research in Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg and Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ (Germany) in 2011. She was a scientist at CBMA, UM (2013 -2015). She shifted to IMAR as a post doc (2015-2019), University of Coimbra (UC), Portugal. Currently, she is an investigator at MARE, UC. She worked in 3 continents, in 5 different labs with the topmost scientist of her area, this deliberate choice to work in different labs, helped her to work independently from her PhD supervisor and to gain experience and recognition internationally. Overall, she was successful in attaining national projects funded by FCT as a principal investigator and as team member (~450,000 Euros). She supervised (including interships) a total of 20 students encompassing Ph.D., masters and bachelors and master fellows across the globe. Overall, published 53 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, out of which 3 papers are in fungal diversity with an impact factor of 20.37. Thirty two out of 53 papers were published independently from PhD supervisor. She published as first author in 21 papers and as a corresponding author in journals like PLoS ONE, Fungal Diversity, Fungal Ecology and Science of the total Environment. She has 8 book chapters, 27 posters and 24 oral communications. Owing to her international experiences in different laboratories around the globe her co-authors on papers are from different countries. In the last 5 years (along with maternity leave) she published 15 papers and 6 book chapters (3 as first, 2 as last author) . Out of her 8 first (7 as corresponding author) authored paper one was in J Hazard Mater (IF-10), other 4 papers in Sci Total Environ (IF-7.9) and the other 3 were in top journals of her area. In the past 5 years, none of her paper exceeds more than 7 authors (from diverse institutions), except for the one with the global study (32 authors) indicating her substantial role in each. She created a global network and was the PI of the crowdsource-based funding (2014-2016), involving 18 countries with over 30 researchers and institutions to study the latitudinal impact on fungial biodiversity in 19 globally distributed streams. She is a member AIL-Iberian Association of Limnology and board member of PROAQUA-Association for the Promotion of Knowledge.
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12021Chapter 9. Linking microbial decomposer diversity to plant litter decomposition and associated processes in streamsPascoal, Cláudia ; Fernandes, Isabel; Seena, Sahadevan ; Danger, Michael; Ferreira, Verónica ; Cássio, FernandabookPartopenAccess
22022Fungi in Freshwaters: Prioritising Aquatic Hyphomycetes in Conservation GoalsBarros, Juliana ; Sahadevan, Seena articleopenAccess
321-Jan-2022Impacts of low concentrations of nanoplastics on leaf litter decomposition and food quality for detritivores in streamsSahadevan, Seena ; Gutierrez, Irene Bermudez ; Barros, Juliana; Nunes, Cláudia; Marques, João Carlos ; Kumar, Santosh ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleembargoedAccess