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Moulin, Christopher J. A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Dec-2015A critical review of the effects of wearable cameras on memorySilva, A. R. ; Pinho, M. S. ; Macedo, L. ; Moulin, C. J. A. articleembargoedAccess
24-Nov-2016Estimulação da memória na doença de Alzheimer em fase inicial: o papel da SenseCam no funcionamento cognitivo e no bem-estarSilva, Ana Rita Esteves de Sousa e doctoralThesisopenAccess
3Apr-2015Evaluating the Subject-Performed Task effect in healthy older adults: Relationship with neuropsychological testsSilva, A. R. ; Pinho, M. S. ; Souchay, C. ; Moulin, C. J. A. articleopenAccess
4Mar-2013Immediate Benefits of SenseCam Review on Neuropsychological Test PerformanceSilva, Ana R. ; Pinho, Salomé ; Macedo, Luís M. ; Moulin, Chris J. articleembargoedAccess
5May-2017It is not only memory: Effects of SenseCam on improving well-being in patients with Mild Alzheimer DiseaseSilva, Ana Rita ; Pinho, Maria Salomé ; Macedo, Luís ; Moulin, Christopher ; Caldeira, Maria Salomé ; Firmino, Horácio articleopenAccess
62016Memory stimulation in mild Alzheimer disease: the role of SenseCam to improve cognitive function and wellbeingSilva, Ana Rita doctoralThesisopenAccess
7Sep-2016Mnemonic anosognosia in Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a failure to transfer on-line evaluations of performance: Evidence from memory training programmesSilva, Ana Rita ; Pinho, Maria Salomé ; Macedo, Luís ; Souchay, Céline ; Moulin, Christopher articleembargoedAccess
82016SenseCam: A new tool for memory rehabilitation?Dubourg, L. ; Silva, Ana Rita ; Fitamen, C. ; Moulin, Christopher ; Souchay, Céline articleembargoedAccess
92017The cognitive effects of wearable cameras in Mild Alzheimer Disease: an experimental studySilva, Ana Rita ; Pinho, Maria Salomé ; Macedo, Luís ; Moulin, Christopher J. A. articleopenAccess