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Lourenço, Ana
Lourenço, A. M.
Lourenço, Ana
Lourenço, A. M.
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UC Researcher
Ana Maria Ribeiro Malho Rodrigues Lourenço is a researcher at CITEUC. She obtained the PhD degree with the thesis "Soil characterization between Coimbra and Montemor-o-Velho, central Portugal. A study of environmental magnetism.", at the University of Coimbra in 2013. The focus of her research is on environmental magnetism, climate change, space weather, the influence of solar activity on the earth climate and history of Science. She is co-author of several papers and presentations including articles in scientific magazines and conference proceedings.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
114-Mar-2013Caracterização de Solos entre Coimbra e Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal Central. Um Estudo de Magnetismo AmbientalLourenço, Ana Maria Ribeiro Malho Rodrigues doctoralThesisopenAccess
22010Caracterização de solos superficiais na região de Coimbra, Portugal central: um estudo de magnetismo ambientalLourenço, A. M. ; Gomes, C. R. conferenceObjectopenAccess
32014Magnetic, geochemical and pedological characterisation of soil profiles from different environments and geological backgrounds near Coimbra, PortugalLourenço, A. M. ; Sequeira, E. ; Sant'Ovaia, H. ; Gomes, C. R. articleopenAccess
41-Aug-2014Proveniência de materiais nos sistemas a partir das suas propriedades magnéticas: potencialidades e alguns casos de estudoGomes, Celeste R. ; Lourenço, Ana ; Sant'Ovaia, Helena ; Rocha, Armando bookPartopenAccess
5Apr-2015Relation between magnetic parameters and nematode abundance in agricultural soils of Portugal--a multidisciplinary study in the scope of environmental magnetismLourenço, Ana ; Esteves, Ivânia ; Rocha, Armando ; Abrantes, Isabel ; Gomes, Celeste articleopenAccess
62012Relationships between magnetic parameters, chemical composition and clay minerals of topsoils near Coimbra, central PortugalLourenço, A. M. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Gomes, C. R. articleopenAccess
72019Solar observations at the Coimbra Astronomical ObservatoryLourenço, Ana ; Carvalho, Sara ; Barata, Teresa ; Garcia, Adriana ; Carrasco, Víctor; Peixinho, Nuno articleopenAccess
82021Testing the Accuracy of Coimbra Astronomical Observatory Solar Filament Historical Series (1929–1941)Lourenço, Ana ; Gafeira, Ricardo; Bonifácio, Vitor; Barata, Teresa ; Fernandes, João ; Silva, EvaarticleopenAccess