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Silvestro, Simone
Silvestro, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12023Constraining the mechanisms of aeolian bedform formation on Mars through a global morphometric surveyVaz, David A. ; Silvestro, Simone ; Chojnacki, Matthew; Silva, David C. A. articleopenAccess
22016Dune-like dynamic of Martian Aeolian large ripplesSilvestro, S. articleopenAccess
32015Evidence for different episodes of aeolian construction and a new type of wind streak in the 2016 ExoMars landing ellipse in Meridiani Planum, MarsSilvestro, S. articleopenAccess
415-Feb-2014Mapping and characterization of small-scale aeolian structures on Mars: An example from the MSL landing site in Gale CraterVaz, David A. ; Silvestro, Simone articleopenAccess
52017Migrating meter-scale bedforms on Martian dark dunes: Are terrestrial aeolian ripples good analogues?Vaz, David A. ; Silvestro, S. ; Sarmento, Pedro T.K. ; Cardinale, M. articleopenAccess
62013Pervasive aeolian activity along rover Curiosity's traverse in Gale Crater, MarsSilvestro, S. articleopenAccess
72016Present-day aeolian activity in Herschel Crater, MarsCardinale, Marco ; Silvestro, Simone ; Vaz, David A. ; Michaels, Timothy ; Bourke, Mary C. ; Komatsu, Goro ; Marinangeli, Lucia articleopenAccess