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Avecilla, Fernando
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
128-Jun-19991H NMR in Solution and Solid State Structural Study of Lanthanide(III) CryptatesPlatas, C. ; Avecilla, F. ; Blas, A. de ; Geraldes, C. F. G. C. ; Rodríguez-Blas, T. ; Adams, H. ; Mahía, J. articleopenAccess
22001Copper complexes with bibracchial lariat ethers: from mono- to binuclear structuresRodríguez-Infante, Covadonga ; Esteban, David ; Avecilla, Fernando ; Blas, Andrés de ; Rodríguez-Blas, Teresa ; Mahía, Jose ; Macedo, Anjos L. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. articleopenAccess
32006Crystal Structure of the VV Dimer [V2O2(μ-O)(dmpp)2(OCH3)2] and Its Equilibrium with the VV Trimer [V3O3(μ-O)3(dmpp)3(H2O)](H2O)2 in Methanol/Water SolutionsAvecilla, Fernando ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Macedo, Anjos L. ; Castro, M. Margarida C. A. articleopenAccess
42004N,N'-Ethylenebis(pyridoxylideneiminato) and N,N'-Ethylenebis(pyridoxylaminato): Synthesis, Characterization, Potentiometric, Spectroscopic, and DFT Studies of Their Vanadium(IV) and Vanadium(V) ComplexesCorreia, Isabel ; Pessoa, João Costa ; Duarte, M. Teresa ; Henriques, Rui T. ; Piedade, M. Fátima M. ; Veiros, Luís F. ; Jakusch, Tamás ; Kiss, Tamás ; Dörnyei, Ágnes ; Castro, M. Margarida C. A. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Avecilla, Fernando articleopenAccess
52013A novel VIVO–pyrimidinone complex: synthesis, solution speciation and human serum protein bindingGonçalves, Gisela ; Tomaz, Isabel ; Correia, Isabel ; Vieiros, Luís F. ; Castro, M. M. C. A. ; Avecilla, Fernando ; Palacio, Lorena ; Maestro, Miguel ; Kiss, Támas ; Jakusch, Támas ; Garcia, M. Helena V. ; Pessoa, João Costa articleopenAccess
620-Oct-2003A Schiff-Base Bibracchial Lariat Ether Forming a Cryptand-like Cavity for Lanthanide IonsGonzález-Lorenzo, Marina ; Platas-Iglesias, Carlos ; Avecilla, Fernando ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Imbert, Daniel ; Bünzli, Jean-Claude G. ; Blas, Andrés de ; RoarticleopenAccess
72003X-ray Crystal Structure of a Sodium Salt of [Gd(DOTP)]5: Implications for Its Second-Sphere Relaxivity and the 23Na NMR Hyperfine Shift Effects of [Tm(DOTP)]5-Avecilla, Fernando ; Peters, Joop A. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. articleopenAccess