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Brito, Rui Pedro
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Brito, Rui Pedro Gonçalves de
Brito, R. P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
129-Apr-2020Asset classification under the IFRS 9 framework for the construction of a banking investment portfolioBrito, Rui Pedro ; Júdice, Pedro Maria Corte-Real Alarcão workingPaperopenAccess
228-Sep-2016Efficient skewness/semivariance portfoliosPedro Brito, Rui ; Sebastião, Hélder ; Godinho, Pedro articleembargoedAccess
322-Dec-2017New Ways of Measuring and Dealing with Risk and Return in Portfolio OptimizationBrito, Rui Pedro Gonçalves de doctoralThesisopenAccess
42017On the gains of using high frequency data and higher moments in Portfolio SelectionBrito, Rui Pedro ; Sebastião, Hélder ; Godinho, Pedro workingPaperopenAccess
52018On the Gains of Using High Frequency Data in Portfolio SelectionBrito, Rui Pedro ; Sebastião, Helder ; Godinho, Pedro articleopenAccess
617-Mar-2017Portfolio management with higher moments: the cardinality impactBrito, Rui Pedro ; Sebastião, Hélder ; Godinho, Pedro articleembargoedAccess