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Rosa, Susana C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12009Assessment of strategies to increase chondrocyte viability in cryopreserved human osteochondral allografts: evaluation of the glycosylated hydroquinone, arbutinRosa, Susana Carvalho ; Gonçalves, Juliana ; Judas, Fernando ; Lopes, Celeste ; Mendes, Alexandrina Ferreira articleopenAccess
22007Chondrocyte Viability in Fresh and Frozen Large Human Osteochondral Allografts: Effect of Cryoprotective AgentsJudas, F. ; Rosa, S. ; Teixeira, L. ; Lopes, C. ; Mendes, A. Ferreira articleopenAccess
32019Derivation of Brain Capillary-like Endothelial Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Endothelial Progenitor CellsPraça, Catarina ; Rosa, Susana C. ; Sevin, Emmanuel; Cecchelli, Romeo; Dehouck, Marie-Pierre ; Ferreira, Lino S. articleopenAccess
4Sep-2006Elevated glucose changes the expression of ionotropic glutamate receptor subunits and impairs calcium homeostasis in retinal neural cellsSantiago, Ana R. ; Rosa, Susana C. ; Santos, Paulo F. ; Cristovão, Armando J. ; Barber, Alistair J. ; Ambrósio, António F. articleopenAccess
513-Mar-2013Expression and function of K(ATP) channels in normal and osteoarthritic human chondrocytes: possible role in glucose sensingRufino, Ana T. ; Rosa, Susana C. ; Judas, Fernando ; Mobasheri, Ali ; Lopes, M. Celeste ; Mendes, Alexandrina F. articleopenAccess
6Jun-2011Expression and function of the insulin receptor in normal and osteoarthritic human chondrocytes: modulation of anabolic gene expression, glucose transport and GLUT-1 content by insulinRosa, S. C. ; Rufino, A. T. ; Judas, F. ; Tenreiro, C. ; Lopes, M. C. ; Mendes, A. F. articleopenAccess
77-Mar-2019Functional characterization of iPSC-derived arterial- and venous-like endothelial cellsRosa, Susana ; Praça, Catarina ; Pitrez, Patrícia ; Gouveia, Pedro ; Xabier, Aranguren ; Leonardo, Ricotti ; Ferreira, Lino articleopenAccess
82-Jun-2009Impaired glucose transporter-1 degradation and increased glucose transport and oxidative stress in response to high glucose in chondrocytes from osteoarthritic versus normal human cartilageRosa, Susana C. ; Gonçalves, Juliana ; Judas, Fernando ; Mobasheri, Ali ; Lopes, Celeste ; Mendes, Alexandrina Ferreira articleopenAccess
918-Sep-2019Investigation of the Blood-Brain Barrier ageing for the development of an in vitro modelCaetano, Ana Carolina da SilvamasterThesisembargoedAccess
1017-Jul-2008Nitric oxide synthase isoforms and NF-jB activity in normal and osteoarthritic human chondrocytes: Regulation by inducible nitric oxideRosa, Susana C. ; Judas, F. ; Lopes, M. C. ; Mendes, A. F. articleopenAccess
1119-Jan-2011Regulação das funções dos condrócitos articulares humanos por estímulos catabólicos e anabólicos : implicações no desenvolvimento e progressão da osteoartriteRosa, Susana Carvalho doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
122009Screening of Five Essential Oils for Identification of Potential Inhibitors of IL-1-induced Nf-κB Activation and NO Production in Human Chondrocytes: Characterization of the Inhibitory Activity of α-PineneNeves, Ângela ; Rosa, Susana ; Gonçalves, Juliana ; Rufino, Ana ; Judas, Fernando ; Salgueiro, Lígia ; Lopes, Celeste ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Mendes, Alexandrina Ferreira articleopenAccess