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Coelho, Rúben
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12023How Many Azores Bullfinches (Pyrrhula murina) Are There in the World? Case Study of a Threatened SpeciesCosta, Tarso de M. M.; Gil, Artur ; Timóteo, Sérgio ; Ceia, Ricardo S.; Coelho, Rúben ; de la Cruz Martin, AzucenaarticleopenAccess
22016The Priolo Atlas: A citizen science-based census initiative for supporting Pyrrhula murina habitat conservation and restoration policies in São Miguel Island (Azores, Portugal)Gil, Artur ; Ceia, Ricardo ; Coelho, Rúben ; Teodósio, Joaquim ; Sampaio, Hugo ; Veríssimo, Carla ; Heleno, Ruben ; Ramos, Jaime ; Timóteo, Sérgio articleopenAccess