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Cardoso, Daniel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Jun-2011Assessing the “One Country, Two Systems” Formula: The Role of Macau in China’s Relations with the European Union and the Portuguese Speaking CountriesMendes, Carmen Amado ; Marques, José Luís Sales ; Matias, José Carlos ; Cardoso, Daniel ; Zumpano, Petras Shelton ; Rodrigues, Helena workingPaperopenAccess
22015Diversifying channels in China-Brazil relations: The multilateralization of the bilateral relationshipMendes, Carmen Amado ; Cardoso, Daniel bookPartopenAccess
32012Lusofonia em Macau: Que Contributos para o reforço das relações Sino-Brasileiras?Cardoso, Daniel ; Mendes, Carmen Amado bookPartopenAccess