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Martins, Teresa
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Martins, Teresa Maria Caldeira
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12016Adult Attachment and Dyadic Adjustment: The Mediating Role of ShameMartins, Teresa C. ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina ; Moreira, Helena articleopenAccess
219-Sep-2013Adult attachment and dyadic adjustment: the mediating role of shameMartins, Teresa Maria Caldeira masterThesisopenAccess
32015Adult attachment insecurity and dyadic adjustment: The mediating role of self-criticismMartins, Teresa C. ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina ; Moreira, Helena articleopenAccess
42014Assessing Adult Attachment Across Different Contexts: Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Experiences in Close Relationships–Relationship Structures QuestionnaireMoreira, Helena ; Martins, Teresa ; Gouveia, Maria João ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina articleopenAccess
52008Complete genotyping of mucosal human papillomavirus using a restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and an original typing algorithmNobre, Rui Jorge ; Almeida, Luís Pereira de ; Martins, Teresa C. articleopenAccess