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Canelo, Maria José
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008ApresentaçãoEstanque, Elísio ; Costa, Hermes Augusto ; Canelo, Maria José ; Ferreira, Sílvia ; Ferreira, António Casimiro ; Bebiano, Rui otheropenAccess
2May-2016Art as social commentary: visual syntax and meaning in Barbara Kruger’s collagesCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
32007Carey Mcwilliams and the magazine Common GroundCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
4Jun-2006Dimensões geopolíticas do modernismo. Contraculturas mexicanas na CalifórniaCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
52016EditorialCaldeira, Isabel ; Canelo, Maria José otheropenAccess
62013IntroductionCanelo, Maria José ; Soares, Marta otheropenAccess
71998Portuguese modernism unbounded: a poetics for the "border identity"Canelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
82011Übersetzung, Subjektivität und KulturbürgerschaftCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess