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Cardoso, A. L. C.
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12007siRNA delivery by a transferrin-associated lipid-based vector: a non-viral strategy to mediate gene silencingCardoso, A. L. C. ; Simões, S. ; Almeida, L. P. de ; Pelisek, J. ; Culmsee, C. ; Wagner, E. ; Lima, M. C. Pedroso de articleopenAccess
22008Tf-lipoplexes for neuronal siRNA delivery: A promising system to mediate gene silencing in the CNSCardoso, A. L. C. ; Simões, S. ; Almeida, L. P. de ; Plesnila, N. ; Lima, M. C. Pedroso de ; Wagner, E. ; Culmsee, C. articleopenAccess
3Sep-2013Using video tools to teach nanoparticles characterization: Contents for a distance learning courseRasteiro, M. G. ; Cardoso, A. L. C. ; Gomes, Rita ; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess