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Martins, Mafalda
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Changes in Functional Fitness, Mood States and Salivary IgA Levels after Exercise Training for 19 Weeks in Elderly SubjectsTeixeira, Ana Maria ; Martins, Raul ; Martins, Mafalda ; Cunha, Maria do Rosário articleopenAccess
22008Exercício físico, IgA salivar e estados emocionais da pessoa idosaMartins, Raul ; Rosado, Fátima ; Cunha, Maria Rosário ; Martins, Mafalda ; Teixeira, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
32006Kinetic response of salivary IgA to several exercise protocols performed by well trained swimmersTeixeira, Ana M. ; Rama, Luís ; Martins, Mafalda ; Cunha, Mª Rosário articleopenAccess
42008workload, salivary IgA and URTI episodes on two successive training weeks of different dynamics of Portuguese elite swimmersRama, Luís Manuel Pinto Lopes ; Cunha, Maria do Rosário ; Teixeira, Ana Maria Miranda Botelho ; Martins, Mafalda articleopenAccess