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Teijeiro, Carmen
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
115-Apr-2013Mass transport techniques as a tool for a better understanding of the structure of L-Dopa in aqueous solutionsBarros, Marisa C F ; Ribeiro, Ana C F ; Valente, Artur J M ; Lobo, Victor M M ; Cabral, Ana M T D P V ; Veiga, Francisco J B ; Teijeiro, Carmen ; Esteso, Miguel A articleopenAccess
213-Mar-2008Some Transport Properties of γ-Cyclodextrin Aqueous Solutions at (298.15 and 310.15) KRibeiro, Ana C. F. ; Santos, Cecília I. A. V. ; Valente, Artur J. M. ; Ascenso, Osvaldo S. ; Lobo, Victor M. M. ; Burrows, H. D. ; Cabral, Ana M. T. D. P. V. ; Veiga, Francisco J. B. ; Teijeiro, Carmen ; Esteso, Miguel A. articleopenAccess