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Silva, H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Abiotic modulation of Spartina maritima photobiology in different latitudinal populationsDuarte, B. ; Couto, Thiago ; Freitas, J. ; Valentim, J. ; Silva, H. ; Marques, J. C. ; Dias, J. M. ; Caçador, I. articleopenAccess
22015MON-PP172: Food Intake, Sleep and Circadian Rhythm in Kite SurfersSilva, M.-R.G. ; Pascoal, A. ; Silva, H. articleopenAccess
32005Stress analysis of lap joints involving natural fibre reinforced interface layersFerreira, J. M. ; Silva, H. ; Costa, J. D. ; Richardson, M. articleopenAccess
42015SUN-PP238: Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity as Risk Factors for the Development of Osteopenia in Portuguese Female AdultsSilva, M.-R.G. ; Fonseca, C. ; Silva, H. articleopenAccess