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Fernandes, Catarina Marques
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Dec-2002Effect of the hydrophobic nature of triacetyl-beta-cyclodextrin on the complexation with nicardipine hydrochloride: physicochemical and dissolution properties of the kneaded and spray-dried complexesFernandes, Catarina Marques ; Veiga, Francisco José Baptista articleopenAccess
22003Hydrophilic and hydrophobic cyclodextrins in a new sustained release oral formulation of nicardipine: in vitro evaluation and bioavailability studies in rabbitsFernandes, Catarina Marques ; Ramos, Pedro; Falcão, Amílcar ; Veiga, Francisco José Baptista articleopenAccess
3Oct-2001Molecular modelling and 1H-NMR: ultimate tools for the investigation of tolbutamide: beta-cyclodextrin and tolbutamide: hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complexesVeiga, Francisco José Baptista ; Fernandes, Catarina Marques ; Carvalho, Rui Albuquerque ; Geraldes, Carlos Frederico Gusmão Campos articleopenAccess
42003A simple method for nicardipine hydrochloride quantification in plasma using solid-phase extraction and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographyFernandes, Catarina Marques ; Veiga, Francisco José Baptista articleopenAccess