Rodrigues, Marina Ventura

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Rodrigues, Marina Ventura
Rodrigues, Marina Manuela Ventura
Rodrigues, Marina Ventura
Rodrigues, M. V.
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UC Researcher
Marina Ventura Rodrigues is a PhD candidate at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra. She holds a BSc in Biology (University of Coimbra) and a MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology, with specialization in Neurobiology (University of Coimbra). In 2017, she was awarded a PhD fellowship from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. She is interested in the field of Neuroscience, particularly in understanding how slight perturbations of the neurodevelopmental timeline can give rise to pathological conditions. Currently developing the PhD project, she is studying a new mechanism involved in the regulation and control of neuronal excitability in health and disease.
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17-Mar-2022Aberrant hippocampal transmission and behavior in mice with a stargazin mutation linked to intellectual disabilityCaldeira, G. L. ; Inácio, A. ; Beltrão, N.; Barreto, C. A. V.; Rodrigues, M. V. ; Rondão, T.; Macedo, R.; Gouveia, R. P.; Edfawy, M.; Guedes, J.; Cruz, B.; Louros, S. R.; Moreira, I. S.; Peça, J.; Carvalho, A. L. articleopenAccess
22016Interactome of stargazin: relevance in neuropsychiatric disordersRodrigues, Marina Manuela Ventura masterThesisembargoedAccess