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Ferreira, M. Fátima A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-1975An Argon Gas Scintillation Counter with Uniform Electric FieldConde, C. A. N. ; Santos, M. C. M. ; Ferreira, M. Fátima A. ; Sousa, Célia A. articleopenAccess
2Feb-1980The Secondary Scintillation of Rare Gases under the Influence of Magnetic FieldsFerreira, M. Fátima A. ; Conde, C. A. N. ; Campos, N. Ayres de ; Gil, J. M. S. C. articleopenAccess
3Feb-1977The Secondary Scintillation Output of Xenon in a Uniform Field Gas Proportional Scintillation CounterConde, C. A. N. ; Ferreira, L. Requicha ; Ferreira, M. Fátima A. articleopenAccess