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Barrios Rolanía, Dolores
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Complex high order Toda and Volterra latticesBarrios Rolanía, D. ; Branquinho, A. preprintopenAccess
22008Dynamics and interpretation of some integrable systems via multiple orthogonal polynomialsBarrios Rolanía, D. ; Branquinho, A. ; Moreno, A. Foulquié preprintopenAccess
32013On the full Kostant–Toda system and the discrete Korteweg–de Vries equationsBarrios Rolanía, Dolores ; Branquinho, Amílcar ; Foulquié Moreno, Ana articleembargoedAccess
42009On the relation between the full Kostant-Toda lattice and multiple orthogonal polynomialsBarros Rolanía, D. ; Branquinho, A. ; Foulquié Moreno, A. preprintopenAccess