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Simões, Rita Basílio
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Simões, Rita Joana Basílio de
Simões, Rita Basílio
Simões, R.
Simões, R. B.
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Rita Basílio Simões has a PhD in Communication Sciences from the University of Coimbra (2011), with a thesis on the social dynamics of crime and gender and media representations. She is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra, in the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Information, where she teaches Communication Sciences, with an emphasis on Journalism and Media Studies, and Communication Law. Researcher at the ICNOVA (NOVA Institute of Communication) and the CEIS20 (Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies), she is also Associate Researcher at CES (Centre for Social Studies). She has expertise in feminist media studies, digital media, journalism studies, gender violence, and communication law. Currently, she coordinates the research project Online Violence Against Women: preventing and combating misogyny and violence in a digital context from the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic (GENDER RESEARCH 4 COVID-19-058) and the Portuguese participation on the Global Media Monitoring Project (2020). She also co-coordinates the research project Mediated practices of young adults: promoting gender justice in and through mobile applications (PTDC / COM-CSS / 5947/2020). She integrates the research team of DeCode/M - (De)Coding Masculinities: Towards an enhanced understanding of media's role in shaping perceptions of masculinities in Portugal (PTDC/COM-CSS/31740/2017). Member of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), the Portuguese Association of Women's Studies (APEM), and the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (SOPCOM), she is the coordinator of the SOPCOM Working Group on Gender and Sexualities. Among her latest publications are: Simões, R. B., Amaral, I. & Santos, S. (2021). Tracking the outbreak and far beyond: How are public authorities using mobile apps to control Covid-19 pandemic. In F. R. Cádima & I. Ferreira (eds.), Multidisciplinary Perspectives of Communication in a Pandemic Context. Lisboa: ICNOVA; Simões R. B. & Amaral, I. (2020). Post-feminism, post-racialism and post-colonialism: The media coverage of Joacine Katar Moreira's campaign. ex aequo (forthcoming); Silveirinha, M. J., Simões, R. B. & Filgueiras, T. (2020). Him too? Cristiano Ronaldo and the news coverage of a rape case allegation. Journalism Practice; Simões, R. B., Marques, M. B., & Figueira, J. (orgs.) Media, Information, and Literacy: Directions and Perspectives. Coimbra: University of Coimbra Press.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Debunking the #Manosphere: An Exploratory Analysis on Patriarchy and Ageism Within the Digital RealmSantos, Sofia José ; Amaral, Inês ; Simões, Rita Basílio ; Brites, Maria JosébookPartembargoedAccess
26-Feb-2020Facebook y periodismo de proximidad: estudio de caso de los incendios en Portugal de 2017Amaral, Inês ; Simões, Rita Basílio ; Jerónimo, Pedro; Fidalgo, MaribelbookPartopenAccess
311-Mar-2020Gender equality and diversity in the media: Policy intervention in EuropeSimões, Rita Basílio ; Amaral, Inês ; Santos, Sílvio CorreiaarticleopenAccess
411-Mar-2020Hate Speech in social media: perceptions and attitudes of higher education students in PortugalSantos, Sílvio; Amaral, Inês ; Simões, Rita Basílio articleopenAccess
511-Mar-2020Media education and digital inclusion: Tackling the social exlusion of disadvantaged grous in EuropeSimões, Rita Basílio ; Amaral, Inês ; Santos, SílvioarticleopenAccess
62021New Media, Old Misogyny: Framing mediated Madonna on Instagram from an Ageing PerspectiveSimões, Rita Basílio ; Amaral, Inês ; Santos, Sofia José ; Brites, Maria JosébookPartembargoedAccess
72021Online abuse against women: towards an evidence-based approachAmaral, Inês ; Simões, R. B. bookPartopenAccess
815-Dec-2020Pós-feminismo, pós-racialismo e pós-colonialismo: A cobertura mediática da campanha de Joacine Katar MoreiraSimões, Rita Basílio de ; Amaral, Inês articleopenAccess