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12020African knowledge transfer in Early Modern Portugal: Enslaved people and rice cultivation in Tagus and Sado riversCarmo, Miguel; Sousa, Joana; Varela, Pedro ; Ventura, Ricardo; Bivar, ManuelarticleopenAccess
22021Demystifying ophidism: bridging school and society to develop educational resourcesCosta, Mikaelle Kaline Bezerra da; Araújo, Magnólia Fernandes Florêncio; Campos, Rita ; Freire, Eliza Maria XavierarticleopenAccess
32021DNA as ‘ready-made evidence’: An analysis of Portuguese judges’ viewsCosta, Susana articleopenAccess
411-Oct-2021Engaged Citizen Social Science or the public participation in social science researchCampos, Rita ; Monteiro, José; Carvalho, Cláudia articleopenAccess
528-Mar-2022Including younger children in science-related issues using participatory and collaborative strategies: a pilot project on urban biodiversityCampos, Rita articleopenAccess
6May-2021Let's talk about climate change... but when do we start?Campos, Rita ; Melo-Ferreira, JoséconferenceObjectopenAccess
72021Palavras como flores, conceitos como cercas: literacia da informação, desigualdades sociais no ensino superior [preprint]Sequeiros, Paula bookPartopenAccess
827-Jan-2022The medicalization of family judicial conflicts: A path towards normalizationCasaleiro, Paula articleopenAccess