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12018Asymmetric Mobility and Emigration of Highly Skilled Workers in Europe: The Portuguese caseGomes, Rui Machado ; Lopes, João Teixeira ; Cerdeira, Luísa ; Vaz, Henrique ; Peixoto, Paulo ; Cabrito, Belmiro ; Machado-Taylor, Maria Lourdes ; Brites, Rui ; Patrocínio, Tomás ; Ganga, Rafaela ; Silva, Sílvia ; Silva, José Pedro articleopenAccess
2Apr-2017CES 2016 Activities ReportCentre for Social Studies, University of CoimbrareportopenAccess
3Apr-2018CES 2017 Activities ReportCentre for Social Studies, University of CoimbrareportopenAccess
4Apr-2019CES 2018 Activities ReportCentre for Social Studies, University of CoimbrareportopenAccess
52018Challenges to the nation-state in the context of European integration: an overview of the tension between citizenship rights and neoliberalismMartínez Contreras, Javier; Nascimento, Daniela ; Simão, Licínia articleopenAccess
62018Colonialismo como violência: a “missão civilizadora” de Portugal em MoçambiqueMeneses, Maria Paula articleopenAccess
716-Nov-2018‘Elective affinities’: interdiscursive dynamics between football, the economy and nationalism in GermanyErvedosa, Clara articleembargoedAccess
82018Escolas Comunitárias COMUNIXSerra, Rita ; Allegretti, Giovanni ; Román, Alberte ; Ansaloni, Chiara bookopenAccess
92018Family therapy with involuntary clients. The therapeutic alliance as a major key to therapy successRelvas, Ana Paula ; Sotero, Luciana bookPartembargoedAccess
102019Health Education for Awareness and Behavioral Change and InfluenceCampos, Rita ; Fernandes, Lúcia bookPartembargoedAccess
112018“Holding the Dream”: Women’s Favorite Reading Matter in a Portuguese PrisonSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
122018Illness and the Politics of Social Suffering: Towards a Critical Research Agenda in Health and Science StudiesMarques, Tiago Pires articleopenAccess
132018Museus Universitários de Ciência enquanto pontes no conhecimento: extensão, inclusão, sustentabilidadeCampos, Rita articleopenAccess
142018Nations in Review(s): Modernist “Little” Magazines and the (Trans)National ImaginationCanelo, Maria José articleopenAccess
152016PARTeCIPAR. Ensaio formal sobre o conceito, as práticas e os desafios da Participação Cultural em museusSancho Querol, Lorena articleopenAccess
1610-Jan-2018Player migration in Portuguese football: a game of exits and entrancesNolasco, Carlos articleembargoedAccess
172019Profiles of mobility studentsMoreira, Liliana ; Gomes, Rui bookPartopenAccess
182018Publish in English or Perish in Portuguese: Struggles and Constraints on the SemiperipherySolovova, Olga ; Santos, Joana Vieira ; Veríssimo, Joaquim articleopenAccess
192018Razza cagna: mondo movies, the white heterosexual male gaze, and the 1960s–1970s imaginary of the nationGiuliani, Gaia articleopenAccess
202019Roundtable on Visuality, Race and Nationhood in ItalyBurdett, Charles; Ferrini, Alessandra; Giuliani, Gaia ; Griffini, Marianna; Luijnenburg, Linde; Mancosu, GianmarcoarticleopenAccess