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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2003Recovering inorganic wastesVieira, M. T. ; Barreiros, F. M. ; Catarino, L. articleopenAccess
30-Apr-2009Shock activation of [alpha]-alumina from calcinated Al-rich sludgeFarinha, A. R. ; Ribeiro, J. B. ; Mendes, R. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess
2006Solid-state diffusion bonding of gamma-TiAl alloys using Ti/Al thin films as interlayersDuarte, L. I. ; Ramos, A. S. ; Vieira, M. F. ; Viana, F. ; Vieira, M. T. ; Koçak, M. articleopenAccess
2008Structural phase evolution with temperature of non-conventional particles in PIMBarreiros, F. M. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess
2006Structure, hardness and thermal stability of Ti(Al,N) coatingsOliveira, J. C. ; Manaia, A. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess
2008Surface modification of stainless steel powders for microfabricationVieira, M. T. ; Martins, A. G. ; Barreiros, F. M. ; Matos, M. ; Castanho, J. M. articleopenAccess
2002Synthesis and characterisation of new sputtered metastable carbidesTomé, G. ; Trindade, B. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess
2008Thin films with chemically graded functionality based on fluorine polymers and stainless steelPiedade, A. P. ; Nunes, J. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess