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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2013Annual organic matter dynamics in a small temperate mountain streamFerreira, Verónica ; Lírio, Ana Virgínia ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Rosa, João articleopenAccess
17-May-2023Aquatic ecosystem services: an overview of the Special IssueFerreira, Verónica ; Bini, Luis Mauricio; González Sagrario, María de los Ángeles; Kovalenko, Katya E.; Naselli-Flores, Luigi; Padial, Andre Andrian; Padisák, JuditarticleopenAccess
8-Jul-2020Aquatic Hyphomycetes from streams on Madeira Island (Portugal)Raposeiro, Pedro; Faustino, Hélder; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, VítorarticleopenAccess
2020Aquatic Hyphomycetes from streams on Madeira Island (Portugal)Raposeiro, Pedro M.; Faustino, Hélder; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, VítorarticleopenAccess
28-Dec-2016Aquatic hyphomycetes, benthic macroinvertebrates and leaf litter decomposition in streams naturally differing in riparian vegetationFerreira, Verónica ; Castela, José ; Rosa, Paulo; Tonin, Alan Mosele; Boyero, Luz; Graça, Manuel A. S. articleopenAccess
2019Biodiversity of leaf litter fungi in streams along a latitudinal gradientSeena, Sahadevan; Bärlocher, Felix ; Sobral, Olímpia ; Gessner, Mark O.; Dudgeon, David; Mckie, Brendan G.; Chauvet, Eric; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Vítor; Medeiros, Adriana O. ; Pozo, Jesús ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; et al.articleopenAccess
2016Biotic and abiotic variables influencing plant litter breakdown in streams: a global studyBoyero, Luz; Pearson, Richard G.; Hui, Cang; Gessner, Mark O.; Perez, Javier; Alexandrou, Markos A.; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Ferreira, Verónica ; et al.articleopenAccess
2019Capítulo 12. Processos ecológicos e serviçosFerreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Pascoal, Cláudia; Graça, Manuel A. S. bookPartopenAccess
2012Changes in dominance among species in aquatic hyphomycete assemblages do not affect litter decomposition ratesFerreira, Verónica ; Chauvet, EricarticleopenAccess
2020Chapter 11. Total Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Carbon in Leaf LitterFlindt, Mogens R. ; Lillebø, Ana I. ; Pérez, Javier; Ferreira, Verónica bookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 14. Effects of exotic tree plantations on plant litter decomposition in streamsLarrañaga, Aitor; Martínez, Aingeru; Albariño, Ricardo; Casas, J. Jesús; Ferreira, Verónica ; Principe, RominabookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 16. Pathways, mechanisms, and consequences of nutrient-stimulated plant litter decomposition in streamsManning, David W. P.; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gulis, Vladislav ; Rosemond, Amy D.bookPartopenAccess
2014Chapter 18. Stream pollution and fungiFerreira, Verónica ; Gulis, Vladislav ; Pascoal, Cláudia ; Graça, Manuel A. S. bookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 21. Plant litter decomposition as a tool for stream ecosystem assessmentFrainer, André; Bruder, Andreas; Colas, Fani; Ferreira, Verónica ; McKie, BrendanbookPartopenAccess
2020Chapter 63. A primer for meta-analysisFerreira, Verónica ; Bärlocher, Felix bookPartopenAccess
2021Chapter 9. Linking microbial decomposer diversity to plant litter decomposition and associated processes in streamsPascoal, Cláudia ; Fernandes, Isabel; Seena, Sahadevan ; Danger, Michael; Ferreira, Verónica ; Cássio, FernandabookPartopenAccess
2018Combined Effects of Dissolved Nutrients and Oxygen on Plant Litter Decomposition and Associated Fungal CommunitiesGomes, Patrícia Pereira; Ferreira, Verónica ; Tonin, Alan M.; Medeiros, Adriana Oliveira ; Goncalves Júnior, José FranciscoarticleopenAccess
2013Combined effects of water temperature and nutrients concentration on periphyton respiration - implications of global changeRosa, João ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Graça, Manuel A.S. articleopenAccess
Jan-2024Comparing the sensitivity of aquatic organisms relative to Daphnia sp. toward essential oils and crude extracts: A meta-analysisAfonso, Sandra ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde articleopenAccess
9-Aug-2021A comparison of decomposition rates and biological colonization of leaf litter from tropical and temperate originsRamos, Sandra M. ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Ferreira, Verónica articleopenAccess