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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Dec-2013Distributed multi-robot patrol: a scalable and fault-tolerant frameworkPortugal, David ; Rocha, Rui P. articleopenAccess
22014Desarrollo de un robot móvil compacto integrado en el middleware ROSAraújo, André; Portugal, David Bina Siassipour ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Sales, Jorge; Rocha, Rui P. articleopenAccess
32021Improving the robustness of a service robot for continuous indoor monitoring: An incremental approachPortugal, David ; Araújo, André G; Couceiro, Micael Santos articleopenAccess
42023Continuous user identification in distance learning: a recent technology perspectivePortugal, David ; Faria, José N.; Belk, Marios; Martins, Pedro; Constantinides, Argyris; Pietron, Anna; Pitsillides, Andreas; Avouris, Nikolaos; Fidas, Christos A.articleopenAccess
52023Sensing and Artificial Perception for Robots in Precision Forestry: A SurveyFerreira, João Filipe ; Portugal, David ; Andrada, Maria Eduarda ; Machado, Pedro; Rocha, Rui P. ; Peixoto, Paulo articleopenAccess
626-Jul-2023A LiDAR-Camera-Inertial-GNSS Apparatus for 3D Multimodal Dataset Collection in Woodland ScenariosCristóvão, Mário P. ; Portugal, David ; Carvalho, Afonso E. ; Ferreira, João Filipe articleopenAccess
75-Jun-2023NR5G-SAM: A SLAM Framework for Field Robot Applications Based on 5G New RadioKarfakis, Panagiotis T.; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Portugal, David articleopenAccess
82023Ensuring Academic Integrity and Trust in Online Learning Environments: A Longitudinal Study of an AI-Centered Proctoring System in Tertiary Educational InstitutionsFidas, Christos A.; Belk, Marios; Constantinides, Argyris; Portugal, David ; Martins, Pedro ; Pietron, Anna Maria; Pitsillides, Andreas; Avouris, NikolaosarticleopenAccess
92023Towards Mobile Federated Learning with Unreliable Participants and Selective AggregationEsteves, Leonardo ; Portugal, David ; Peixoto, Paulo ; Falcão, Gabriel articleopenAccess