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Title: Equation of state for dense matter from finite nuclei to neutron star mergers
Authors: Malik, Tuhin
Orientador: Jha, Tarun Kumar
Agrawal, Bijay Kumar
Keywords: Equations of state; Compact stars; Neutron Star; Neutron-star mergers; Gravitational-wave observations; Effective Chiral Model; Relativistic Mean field theory; Chiral Symmetry; Saturated Nuclear Matter; Dense Nuclear Matter; Properties of Neutron Star
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Place of publication or event: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Abstract: Equation of state (EOS) of dense matter has been constrained from the experimental data available on the properties of finite nuclei and neutron stars. Towards this purpose, a diverse set of nuclear energy density functionals based on relativistic and non-relativistic mean field models have been employed. These EOSs are so chosen that they are consistent with the bulk properties of the finite nuclei. The values of various nuclear matter parameters which predominantly govern the behaviour of the EOS are determined through their correlations with the properties of the neutron stars such as radii, tidal deformability and maximum mass of the neutron stars. The nuclear matter parameters considered are incompressibility, symmetry energy and their density derivatives which appear in the expansion of the EOS around the saturation density. The radii and tidal deformability of the neutron star with the canonical mass display strong correlations with the linear combinations of slopes of the incompressibility and symmetry energy coefficients. Similar correlations with the curvature of the symmetry energy coefficient are also obsvered indicating that the properties of the neutron stars are sensitive to the high density behaviour of the symmetry energy. It is also shown that the giant resonances in nuclei are instrumental in limiting the tidal deformability parameter and the radius of a neutron star in somewhat narrower bounds. The outcomes of the present thesis is important in view of the fact that the accurate values of the various neutron star observables as considered are expected to be available in near future.
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