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Title: Spectral-Homotopy analysis method for solving a nonlinear second order BVP
Authors: Moghtadaei, Mohsen
Orientador: Abbasbandy, Saeid
Rostamy, Davoud
Keywords: Homotopy analysis method; chebyshev spectral method; Brinkman-Forchheimer model
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Place of publication or event: Imam Khomeini International University
Abstract: A modification of the homotopy analysis method(HAM)for solving nonlinear second order boundary value problem(BVP) is proposed.the implementation of new approach is demonstrate by solving the Darcy-Brinkman-Forchheimer equation for steady fully developed fluid flow in a horizontal channel filled with a prous medium.The model equation is solved concurrently using the standard HAM approach and numerically using a shooting method based on the fourth order Rang-Kutta scheme.The results demonstrate that the new spectral homotopy analysis method is more efficient and converges faster than the standard homotopy analysis method
Description: Documentos apresentados no âmbito do reconhecimento de graus e diplomas estrangeiros
Rights: openAccess
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