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Title: Spatial autocorrelation of exports and R&D expenditures in Portugal
Authors: Campos, António Carlos de
Lopes, Luís
Carreira, Carlos Manuel Gonçalves 
Keywords: Export; R&D expenditures; Spatial autocorrelation; Technological intensity; Clusters; Spillovers; Portugal
Issue Date: 17-Jul-2020
Series/Report no.: CeBER Working Paper 2020-13;
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Abstract: This article analyzes spatial autocorrelations and the formation of clusters of exports, based on Research and Development (R&D) intensity in Portugal. The central idea is that exports show relative interdependence and spillover effects among nearby regions and a direct relationship with R&D expenditures. It adopts the new taxonomy of the OECD, separating exports by manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities. Methodologically, is was used Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA), utilizing Global Moran's Index and LISA. The results showed the presence of positive spatial autocorrelation of exports and the formation of a cluster of the High-High type for the Porto metropolitan region and Aveiro region. There was no confirmation of positive spatial autocorrelation for R&D expenditures among the regions of Portugal. However, there was both a positive spatial autocorrelation for exports associated with R&D expenditures as well as the formation of a regional cluster with high-high pattern for the Aveiro region. This outcome can be explained, in part, by nationally and internationally recognized universities and research centers surrounding the region, favoring knowledge spillovers across the regions.
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