Title: Population database of STRs in West Africa: a genetic study of TPOX, HUMVWA31/A, HUMTH01, and CYP19
Authors: Dios, S. 
Luis, J. R. 
Ribeiro, J. C. Teixeira 
Caeiro, B. 
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Genetica. 104:1 (1998) 77-83
Abstract: Abstract Four tetrameric STRs (TPOX, HUMVWA31/A, HUMTH01, and CYP19) were analysed in a West African population (Cabo Verde). No significant deviations from Hardy–Weinberg proportions were observed, either in conventional or exact tests. Pairwise comparisons confirmed allelic independence for all the combinations of loci. Data is provided for the first time about CYP19 in Black populations. In comparisons between African and Afro-American populations, significant frequency differences for several alleles at the TH01 and VWA31/A loci were observed. The allele frequencies provided in this study contribute to a better knowledge of the variability of these markers among the main human groups, especially in the context of Subsaharan African populations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/8493
Rights: openAccess
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