Title: From crimes of the powerful to colonial state crimes: contributions to a research agenda
Authors: Atiles, Jose 
Issue Date: Apr-2018
Publisher: International Institute for the Sociology of Law
Abstract: This paper aims to apply Frank Pearce’s (1976) critical methodology and Marxist theoretical framework to the development of the concept of colonial state crimes. By doing this, the paper will show how, even though Pearce does not develop a colonial perspective in his analysis of the crimes of the powerful, his theory and his methodological emphasis in the study of what has been normalized and naturalized constitute a foundational contribution to the development of the colonial perspective in the analysis of state crimes. This colonial approach will be developed in three sections: 1) an exposition of the concepts of the crime of the powerful and state crimes; 2) an exploration of the relation between the anticolonial tradition and state crimes; 3) a discussion of how the concept of colonial state crimes can illuminate the global south’s experiences with regards to state violence and criminality. The intention is to show how Pearce has contributed to the development of the colonial state crimes concept, allowing for a better understanding of colonial violence.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/79780
Rights: openAccess
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