Title: An algorithm for ordinal sorting based on ELECTRE with categories defined by examples
Authors: Rocha, Clara 
Dias, Luís 
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Journal of Global Optimization. 42:2 (2008) 255-277
Abstract: Abstract This work proposes a Progressive Assisted Sorting Algorithm (PASA) based on a multicriteria evaluation ELECTRE-type method. The purpose of the PASA is to aid a decision maker to progressively sort a set of alternatives into a set of categories, which we considered are ordered (ordinal sorting), following a consistency principle. We consider the principle that if an alternative outranks (is as good as) a second one, then it must belong to the same category or to a better category. The set of alternatives already sorted by the decision maker will implicitly define the categories, and will constrain the range of categories where other alternatives may be sorted. We show how the same idea may be used in an aggregation/disaggregation approach, considering some parameters of ELECTRE are not fixed a priori, but are constrained only by the examples provided. In this context, we establish a “convex-shape property” stating that the range of possible categories for an alternative is always an interval of categories. A discussion contrasting this approach with ELECTRE TRI is included in the conclusions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/7915
Rights: openAccess
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