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Title: Crystal structure of the nonlinear optical compound L-arginine fluoride
Authors: Silva, M. Ramos 
Paixão, J. A. 
Beja, A. Matos 
Veiga, L. Alte da 
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Journal of Chemical Crystallography. 30:6 (2000) 411-414
Abstract: L-arginine fluoride is a promising compound that exhibits nonlinear optical properties. It efficiently converts two single photons of the same polarization and frequency ? to one photon of frequency 2? (type I phase matching). C6H15N4O2+F- is monoclinic, space group P21, a = 5.4475(4) Å, b = 8.5133(6) Å, c = 10.2195(7) Å, ß = 93.475(6)°. The cation has a zwitterionic form, protonated at both the guanidyl and amino groups. The arginine C? atom is in a trans position to the carboxyl group. A complex three-dimensional hydrogen bond network links the anions and cations together.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1009586023285
Rights: openAccess
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