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Title: Transport of solutes through calix[4]pyrrole-containing cellulose acetate films
Authors: Valente, A. J. M. 
Jiménez, A. 
Simões, A. C. 
Burrows, H. D. 
Polishchuk, A. Ya. 
Lobo, V. M. M. 
Keywords: Cellulose acetate; Calix[4]pyrrole; Transport properties; Electrolytes
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: European Polymer Journal. 43:6 (2007) 2433-2442
Abstract: Films of cellulose acetate containing different concentrations of meso-octamethyl-porphyrinogen (calix[4]pyrrole) were prepared and characterized using UV-vis and FTIR spectroscopy, DSC and SEM. Incorporation of calix[4]pyrrole into cellulose acetate leads to a decrease in the degree of hydrophilicity of the polymeric matrix. However, a slight increase in the percentage of water uptake of the polymer is found with an increase of the initial amount of calix[4]pyrrole in the composite composition. This effect can be related to the plasticizing effect that the calix[4]pyrrole provokes in the cellulose acetate. A comparative study of transport parameters of oxygen and some non-associated electrolytes (sodium, copper(II) and nickel chlorides) was carried out. The diffusion coefficients of molecular oxygen through cellulose acetate films decrease with an increase of the concentration of calix[4]pyrrole in the composite films. The transport (diffusion and permeation) of the above mentioned electrolytes through a set of composite films shows a decrease of permeability and diffusion coefficients with an increase of calix[4]pyrrole concentration. Such behaviour is typical of systems where interactions between the polymer and diffusing species occur. However, from the analysis of the distribution coefficient, it was found that those interactions are only dependent on the calix[4]pyrrole content for 2:1 electrolytes.
DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2007.03.047
Rights: openAccess
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