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Title: International conflict resolution and peacebuilding strategies : the complexities of war and peace in the Sudans
Authors: Nascimento, Daniela 
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Routledge
Place of publication or event: Oxon
Abstract: The analysis and interpretation of conflicts can be a dangerously simplistic exercise. A western, developed socio-economic perspective can simplify conflicts in the so-called ‘Third World’ as the inevitable struggles of people who cannot coexist because of ethnic, religious or cultural differences. While acknowledging that many contemporary conflicts are characterised and influenced by these factors, this book calls for an approach to conflict prevention and resolution which mainly addresses the underlying political, economic and social causes. The conflict in Sudan, where narratives evolved from an interpretation based on religious differences between a Muslim North and the Christian South, provides a case study through which the author explores how most prevention and resolution strategies were based on flawed assumptions leading to poor results. By focusing instead on the underlying socio-economic inequality and marginalisation among groups she analyses the dynamics of the complex peace process to ascertain if and how economic and social rights were effectively included and implemented as a part of the peace agreement, including after South Sudan’s independence.
ISBN: 9781472487513
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