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Title: Private and public spheres in hypermediatic and consumeristic societies
Authors: Reis, Carlos Francisco de Sousa 
Formosinho, Maria das Dores 
Keywords: Public spaces; private spaces; mass media; consumerism
Issue Date: 2015
Serial title, monograph or event: Homo-Societas-Technologiae
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Abstract: In this presentation we discuss the definition of public and private spaces in hypermediatic societies, which are under the huge impact of mediatization. On one hand, we see the erosion and invasion of private spaces by the large range of virtualities of the available media; on the other, we see a pervasive permeation of public spaces, which are losing dignity and functionality. Paradoxically, our consumerist and hypermediatic societies are, in parallel, contributing to the constraint of private spaces. Why are our living rooms dominated by TV shows? Why do so many websites seem to instantly know our preferences? Why are our streets colonized by advertizing billboards and neon signs? Why do we see Malls replacing public gardens that progressively degrade or simply disappear? Why do these Malls have private security while public spaces are more and more feared for their insecurity? These functional alterations of spaces, public and private, challenge us to consider the pros and cons of each mutation and to question whether they serve our values of democracy and citizenship, as well as the essential balance between individual and collective interests. Finally, we stress that this phenomenon poses a challenge to education that must be tackled if we want to regain these spaces and know how to use them freely.
ISSN: 2029-9737
Rights: openAccess
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