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Title: Muon diffusion and trapping in chalcopyrite semiconductors
Authors: Vilão, R. C. 
Gil, J. M. 
Alberto, H. V. 
Duarte, J. Piroto 
Campos, N. Ayres de 
Weidinger, A. 
Yakushev, M. V. 
Cox, S. F. J. 
Keywords: Muon diffusion; Muon trapping; Chalcopyrite semiconductors; Structural defects
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Physica B: Condensed Matter. 326:1-4 (2003) 181-184
Abstract: The diffusion parameters of diamagnetic muons in chalcopyrites CuInSe2, CuInS2, CuInTe2, CuGaTe2 and (Ag0.25Cu0.75)InSe2 were obtained by [mu]SR methods. The variations among the different compositions were found to validate the anion-antibonding localization model. The application of a two-state model to the zero-field data revealed muon trapping by defects. The dipolar width at the trap and the number of jumps before trapping were determined. The Cu vacancy is identified as the trapping center in CuInSe2 and the energy depth of the trap has been determined.
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