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Title: Thermogravimetric analysis of aluminised E-glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester composites
Authors: Ferreira, J. M. 
Errajhi, O. A. Z. 
Richardson, M. O. W. 
Keywords: Aluminised fibre; Thermogravimetric analysis; Fibre degradation
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Polymer Testing. 25:8 (2006) 1091-1094
Abstract: Novel aluminised E-glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester composites, originally formulated for enhanced thermal and electrical shielding properties were evaluated in terms of their thermal performance. The thermal degradation of these specimens was analysed using a thermogravimetric analyser (TGA). The samples were heated from ambient temperature to 500 °C at a heating rate of 20 °C/min. All specimens were decomposed under dry nitrogen (N2) at a flow rate of 40 ml/min to yield gases and solid char. Aluminised E-glass composites were compared alongside the unmetallised E-glass and unreinforced composite. The major weight loss occurred between 200 and 400 °C. The unreinforced polyester had a maximum weight loss, 1.25%/°C, occurring at 360 °C. For the aluminised and unmetallised E-glass composites, the maximum rate of weight loss was 0.34 and 0.55%/°C, respectively. Experimental results show the degradation of the aluminised E-glass composites obtained from TGA tests is higher compared to those of unmetallised E-glass fibre and unreinforced polyester composite. This improvement is correlated to the aluminium coating.
DOI: 10.1016/j.polymertesting.2006.07.012
Rights: openAccess
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