Title: The use of politeuma and other polis-related terms as ‘conceptual iconography’ in Plutarch’s 'An seni respublica gerenda sit'
Authors: Leão, Delfim 
Keywords: Plutarch;An seni respublica gerenda sit;Conceptual iconography;Politeuma;Polis-related terms
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Ediciones Clásicas
Project: UID/ ELT/00196/2013 - Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies - University of Coimbra 
Abstract: Taking as reference the rich semantic field of polis-related terms (Πολιεύς, πολιτικός, πολιτεία, πολίτης, πολιτεύω/πολιτεύομαι, πολίτευμα) in the treatise 'An seni respublica gerenda sit', this study analyses the way Plutarch explores the wide range of meanings covered by those words and interweaves them, thus producing a coherent ‘conceptual iconography’ that depicts the portrait of how old men should engage in politics.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/35197
Rights: openAccess
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