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Title: The securization process as the main strategy for the establishement of the Israeli State and the consequent definition ofits boundaries
Authors: Sigalho, João 
Orientador: Mendes, Carmen Amado
Keywords: Securitization; Zionism; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2012
Publisher: FEUC
Citation: Sigalho, João - The securization process as the main strategy for the establishement of the Israeli State and the consequent definition ofits boundaries. Coimbra, 2012
Abstract: The Securitization Process as the main strategy for the establishment of the Israeli State and the consequent definition of its boundaries focuses on the development of an alternative perspective regarding the establishment of the State of Israel and the consequential definition of its boundaries. In order to avoid any methodological mistakes based on the premise of a partial analysis, the author of the present dissertation initially focuses on the analysis of the concept of “Securitization”, provided by the Copenhagen School, since the standard established by the previous allows to verify the influence of the discursive acts performed by the recognized leaders that are involved throughout the key events of the conflict in analysis. The acts in question were determining factors for the evolution of the conflict, since, as it is approached in the first chapter, the discursive acts of the leaders are able to affect the creation of perceptions, not only by the affected population but, as well, by the International Community. As a result, the author felt the need to explore the theoretical conception of the “Securitization” process, with a special focus on the consequences that the previous allows, in order to contribute as well for the discussion of the theme in question, within the field of Security Studies. Afterwards, the author develops an analysis of the Zionist ideology, with the goal of verifying that its leaders, through the use of discursive acts, directly iv influenced the perceptions of the community that was covered by it, being that the Jewish population, and, as well, the leaders of the States that had the capability to directly influence the issues identified by the previously referred ideology. By doing so, the author will try to prove that the establishment of the State of Israel, even before the development of the Nazi doctrine, was an achievable goal, since the structures to do so had been, until then, created. Consequently, after proving that the establishment of the State of Israel is a result of a successful developed process of “Securitization” of the Jewish community survival, by the Zionist leaders, the author will focus on an analysis directed to the events that allowed the strengthening of the Israeli sovereignty, in its territory, and, afterwards, on the definition of the territory that was subject to it. By doing so, together with a brief scrutiny regarding the facilitating element that the structures created by the Zionist movement added to the relationship between Israel and the remaining States, the author will try to prove that the State of Israel possesses a regime of exception, within the International Community, which was acquired through the development of successive processes of “Securitization” of the Jewish identity.
Description: Dissertação de mestrado em Relações Internacionais, apresentada à Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra, sob a orientação de Carmen Amado Mendes.
Rights: openAccess
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