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Title: Improving the robustness and accuracy of the marching cubes algorithm for isosurfacing
Authors: Lopes, Adriano 
Brodlie, Ken 
Keywords: Isosurface; Marching cubes; Robustness; Accuracy; Trilinear interpolation
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 9:1 (2003) 16-29
Abstract: This paper proposes a modification of the Marching Cubes algorithm for isosurfacing, with the intent of improving the representation of the surface in the interior of each grid cell. Our objective is to create a representation which correctly models the topology of the trilinear interpolant within the cell and which is robust under perturbations of the data and threshold value. To achieve this, we identify a small number of key points in the cell interior that are critical to the surface definition. This allows us to efficiently represent the different topologies that can occur, including the possibility of "tunnels." The representation is robust in the sense that the surface is visually continuous as the data and threshold change in value. Each interior point lies on the isosurface. Finally, a major feature of our new approach is the systematic method of triangulating the polygon in the cell interior
ISSN: 1077-2626
Rights: openAccess
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