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Title: Energy resolution of xenon proportional counters: Monte Carlo simulation and experimental results
Authors: Rachinhas, P. J. B. M. 
Dias, T. H. V. T. 
Stauffer, A. D. 
Santos, F. P. 
Conde, C. A. N. 
Issue Date: Aug-1996
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. 43:4 (1996) 2399-2405
Abstract: The gas multiplication factor M and energy resolution R of xenon gas cylindrical proportional counters are investigated experimentally and calculated theoretically using a Monte Carlo technique to simulate the growth of single-electron-initiated avalanches. A good agreement is found between calculated and experimental data. The experimental and the calculated results are presented as a function of the reduced voltage K and the reduced anode radius Na, where N is the number density and a the anode radius. The Monte Carlo results for the intrinsic energy resolution Rint are discussed in terms of the parameter f which characterizes the statistical fluctuations of the avalanche gains. The present calculations have revealed that there is an intrinsic dependence of f on the critical value Sc of the reduced electric field at the onset of multiplication. This has enabled the parameterization of f and of the intrinsic energy resolution Rint in terms of the reduced voltage K only and has explained why, for a given range of operating values for M, energy resolution in a cylindrical proportional counter is improved for thinner anode wires and lower pressures
ISSN: 0018-9499
Rights: openAccess
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