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dc.descriptionDocumentos apresentados no âmbito do reconhecimento de graus e diplomas estrangeirospor
dc.description.abstractBackground & Aim: a multiple sclerosis disease (MS ), is a chronic progressive with a demyelination of CNS which concurrences with a nervous synapsis abnormality and several clinical diagnosis. Present study , investigate the role of the TRX and Pilates training interventions on balance , functional / aerobic capacities and fatigue index parameters in Esfahan females with a MS conditions. Method and material: 27 females with MS conditions in Esfahan city (mean age : 41.37± 7.57 ys , history of disease :11.31 ± 3.77 ys and disability grade ; EDSS :1.81 ± 0.84 ) voluntarily were assessment. The subjects were separated randomly in an equal 3 groups. TRX and Pilates training groups activated for 8 weeks period with a interval 3 d /week . Functional variables and fatigue index were measured by the standard tests also ,aerobic capacity predicted during an (YMCA ). Results: ANCOVA - ONE WAY analysis indicated that dynamic balance , walking velocity timing period during TUG test and 6MWDT parameters were significantly increased (p=0.01 ) but without an outstandingly different in the aerobic capacity prediction in 3 groups (p>0.05 ).Whereas ,HR INDEX and recovery HR patterns during a YMCA protocol were obtained a significantly different in 3 groups (p<0.05 ). As well as, daily fatigue scale was significant in 3 groups (p<0.05 ). Conclusion: The findings showed that the TRX and Pilates training interventions for 8 weeks period are induced trend to a improvements in the selected functional capacity , balance, Performance factors ,and fatigue scale in Esfahan females with a MS conditions . It seems that an optimum designing and selection in Pilates / TRX programs , could be effectiveness for cardiorespiratory efficiency ,functional capacities as well , life style quality in females
dc.subjectmultiple sclerosispt
dc.subjectPilates / TRX programspt
dc.subjectfunctional indexespt
dc.subjectcardiorespiratory efficiencypt
dc.titleAn investigating on the TRX and Pilates training interventions on balance , functional / aerobic capacities and fatigue index parameters in Esfahan females with a multiple sclerosis conditionspt
degois.publication.locationBu-Ali Sina Universitypt*
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