Title: Oral Bioavailability of Insulin Contained in Polysaccharide Nanoparticles
Authors: Sarmento, Bruno 
Ribeiro, António 
Veiga, Francisco 
Ferreira, Domingos 
Neufeld, Ronald 
Issue Date: 8-Oct-2007
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Biomacromolecules. 8:10 (2007) 3054-3060
Abstract: The pharmacological activity of insulin-loaded dextran sulfate/chitosan nanoparticles was evaluated following oral dosage in diabetic rats. Nanoparticles were mucoadhesive and negatively charged with a mean size of 500 nm, suitable for uptake within the gastrointestinal tract. Insulin association efficiency was over 70% and was released in a pH-dependent manner under simulated gastrointestinal conditions. Orally delivered nanoparticles lowered basal serum glucose levels in diabetic rats around 35% with 50 and 100 IU/kg doses sustaining hypoglycemia over 24 h. Pharmacological availability was 5.6 and 3.4% for the 50 and 100 IU/kg doses, respectively, a significant increase over 1.6%, determined for oral insulin alone in solution. Confocal microscopic examinations of FITC-labeled insulin nanoparticles showed adhesion to rat intestinal epithelium, and internalization of insulin within the intestinal mucosa. Encapsulation of insulin into dextran sulfate/chitosan nanoparticles was a key factor in the improvement of the bioavailability of its oral delivery over insulin solution.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/10566
ISSN: 1525-7797
Rights: openAccess
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