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Title: Conditional Automaticity and Age-related Modulations of (A)synchrony Effects in a Spatial Stroop Task: An ERP and Behavioral Study
Authors: Leitão, José
Keywords: Chronotype; Ageing; Event Related Potentials; (A)synchrony effects; Spatial Stroop Task
Issue Date: 2022
Project: Bial Foundation 234/14 
Abstract: Chronotype and time-of-day interactions are often manifest in differences between performance at times-of-day matching the individual's chronotype (on-peak) and off-peak performance. However, it is not clear which processing variables determine whether on- or off-peak benefits/costs will occur, nor how does ageing (young adult vs older adult) affect chronotype and time-of-day interactions. In this study, we use Event-Related Potentials to probe the processing underpinnings of these interactions at a millisecond time scale.
Rights: openAccess
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