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Title: Polymeric near infrared emitters with bay-annulated indigo moieties
Authors: Rodrigues, Ana Clara B. 
Eckert, Anika
Pina, João 
Scherf, Ullrich
Seixas de Melo, J. Sérgio 
Issue Date: 2021
Project: Project ‘‘Hylight’’ (no. 031625) 02/SAICT/2017 
(COMPETE) and project ROTEIRO/0152/2013 
FCT, UID/QUI/00313/2019–2020 
Laserlab-Europe (grant agreement no. 284464, EC’s Seventh Framework Programme) 
Serial title, monograph or event: Materials Advances
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Abstract: Three new copolymers based on bay-annulated indigo (BAI) building blocks were synthesized through Stille-type cross-coupling reactions, alternating the electron-deficient BAI units with thiophene-based donor moieties. These polymers showed absorption and fluorescence emission in the NIR region. Their spatial structures were found to prevent aggregation-caused quenching (ACQ) in the solid state. Photoluminescence at 77 K is found ca. four times more intense than at 293 K. Based on time-resolved photoluminescence experiments, the excited-state energy transfer hopping deactivation in the copolymers is discussed in terms of a Förster-type mechanism, with time constants ranging from 1010 to 1011 s-1.
ISSN: 2633-5409
DOI: 10.1039/D1MA00260K
Rights: openAccess
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