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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
115-Sep-2021Connecting different heart diseases through intercellular communicationMartins-Marques, Tânia articleopenAccess
229-Sep-2020Cx43 and Associated Cell Signaling Pathways Regulate Tunneling Nanotubes in Breast Cancer CellsTishchenko, Alexander; Azorín, Daniel D.; Vidal-Brime, Laia; Muñoz, María José; Arenas, Pol Jiménez; Pearce, Christopher; Girão, Henrique ; Ramón Y Cajal, Santiago; Aasen, TrondarticleopenAccess
3Nov-2020Micro-RNA Analysis in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Current Knowledge and ChallengesSantos-Ferreira, Cátia A. ; Abreu, Mónica T. ; Marques, Carla I. ; Gonçalves, Lino M. ; Baptista, Rui ; Girão, Henrique M. articleopenAccess
42022A new weapon in the armamentarium to tackle inflammation associated with myocardial infarctionVasconcelos-Cardoso, Maria ; Girão, Henrique articleopenAccess
5Apr-2021A novel cardioprotective strategy targeting mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production independent of antioxidant activityGirão, Henrique ; Martins-Marques, Tânia articleopenAccess