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18-Feb-2017Effective heat capacity method to simulate heat difusion problems with phase changeSoares, N. ; Antunes, P. ; Costa, J.J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
2Oct-2017Energy efficiency and thermal performance of lightweight steel-framed (LSF) construction: A reviewSoares, N. ; Santos, P. ; Gervásio, H. ; Costa, J.J. ; Simões da Silva, L. articleopenAccess
33-Nov-2016Kick-off presentation of the project "PCMs4Buildings" - Systems with PCM-filled rectangular cavities for the storage of solar thermal energy for buildingsSoares, N. ; Gaspar, A. R. ; Santos, P. ; Lopes, A. G. ; Durães, L. ; Simões, P. N. ; Costa, J. J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
4Sep-2017A review on current advances in the energy and environmental performance of buildings towards a more sustainable built environmentSoares, N. ; Bastos, J. ; Pereira, L. Dias ; Soares, A. ; Amaral, A. R. ; Asadi, E. ; Rodrigues, E. ; Lamas, F. B. ; Monteiro, H. ; Lopes, M. A. R. ; Gaspa, A. R. articleopenAccess
5Aug-2017Simulation-based analysis of the use of PCM-wallboards to reduce cooling energy demand and peak-loads in low-rise residential heavyweight buildings in KuwaitSoares, N. ; Reinhart, C.F.; Hajiah, A.articleopenAccess
63-Nov-2016Small thermal energy storage units filled with microencapsulated PCMs for building applicationsSoares, N. ; Gaspar, A. R. ; Santos, P. ; Costa, J. J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
730-Jun-2016Thermal energy storage with phase change materials (PCMs) for the improvement of the energy performance of buildingsSoares, N. ; Gaspar, A. R. ; Santos, P. ; Reinhart, C.F.; Costa, J.J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
88-Feb-2017Thermal management of photovoltaics with thermal energy storage units filled with microencapsulated PCMsSoares, N. ; Antunes, P. ; Gaspar, A. R. ; Costa, J. J. conferenceObjectopenAccess